About Me


I am a 44 year old woman-girl who unabashedly loves Jesus, her husband, her family, friends and patients;  a South Carolina low country girl, plough mud in her veins, who just happened to be born and raised in East Tennessee.  I am  a reader of books, a walker of trails, and a seeker of quiet.  When I’m not tending to precious needs or ferrying precious cargo, I can often be found stretched over a table, moleskine before me, pen in hand.  Other times, I’m a bit farther away, some 1400 miles as the crow or American Airlines flies, at the edge of the poorest nation in our hemisphere, if not world.

The story needing telling is neither record breaking nor history making.  It is the story of a little girl who grew full of sorrow and who believed COMPLETELY in her unworthiness.  It is the story of a mother learning joy and hope in becoming who she wants her children to be.  It is not new nor is it complete.  It’s just mine.

Thank you for sharing in my journey.