Haiti Calls, part 3: Ayiti Cheri mwen


Often on medical trips there are team members who have never journeyed to Haiti before, and Haiti can be quite challenging on any number of levels. On the 5th or 6th of the 7-8 night trip, we usually discuss the “re-entry” process and what that can entail upon arriving back home. I encourage my teammates […]

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Haiti Calls, part two: “Getting bit by the ‘Bug'”


If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.  After a tumultuous beginning, the year 2005 held many blessings in store for our family. I was able to extend my maternity leave through the middle of April, keeping Maggie out of daycare for the remainder of that year’s “sick season.” I cooked a lot, and I […]

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Haiti Calls, a story in three parts. . . Part 1: Maggie


When one tells a story, it is usually best to begin at the beginning and allow the story to unfold as it will. . .   Once upon a time, a young man and his bride found themselves quite unintentionally pregnant with their second (his fourth) baby girl. Her name was Zaccheus until they learned […]

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